How effectively are you using your brain?

What if you could read up to 10 times faster?

What if you could make decisions without hesitation?

What if you could recall all knowledge with ease?


Now you can!

Learn how to train your brain using the latest research in Neuroscience,
Pedagogy, Psychology and Epistemology,
all translated into easy to apply simple steps.
Learn how to acquire faster, healthier and more efficient learning skills.


Since 2003, 2Wiseup has helped organizations and individuals to maximize their learning potential, regardless of their prior education or circumstances. Based on cutting edge personal development and education modalities, 2WiseUp assists clients in enhancing their brain capacity. Our mission is the advancement of human potential across industries and social stratification demographics.

Our courses offer:

  • 3D Reading.
  • New models of internal, interpersonal and professional communication.
  • Professionally trained instructors.
  • A teaching method that combines fun with fluency and depth.
  • Instant, measurable and considerable results.
  • Integrated practical learning techniques.


Shulamit Assif holds a Bachelor’s degree in Advertising and Art‐Direction, and a MA in Relational Communication, and is a certified counselor. With over 19 years of experience training people in the
development of their full potential, Ms. Assif has helped over 1500 students and professionals, to achieve excellence in their fields of research, study and business.
Shulamit is also the co‐founder of the non‐profit organization,
The Youth of Light, founded for at-risk youth, situated in the city of Jerusalem, Israel.

Clients include: The Ministry of Education Learning Centers in Israel,

Students and Staff of Ben Gurion University (Israel).


Our courses are based on the latest research in Neuroscience, Pedagogy, Psychology and Epistemology. Translated into easy and simple to follow steps. Our participants achieve excellence by acquiring efficient new learning skills and utilizing cutting edge strategies for faster, more effective reading and learning methods


“I studied the 3D Reading technique about three years ago. I use it on an almost daily basis. It helps me read texts in a much quicker way than in the past and it allows me to read texts I was not so sure I could handle. Beyond the fact that I read much faster, I comprehend the text in a way that is much more relevant to my aim and I can also distinguish the
central from the peripheral in relation to the text I’m reading.”

Tal Dotan – Psychologist and Brain Researcher.

Last year I read a lot, and this year the pace has gone down significantly and I also wanted to feel the passion for books again, and I must say that it has! I read a lot more. I started the course reading about 20 lines per minute, now I read about 100 lines per minute and it’s really fun! I had to let go all the doubts I had. I started it with an open mind and in two weeks’ time I began to get it… I can give an example: I had an exam in Literature and I hadn’t studied enough for it. The course teaches you also to learn how to learn. When they gave us back the scores, the rest of the class got about 70/100 and I got 88/100! When you’re young it’s even better to learn this course, because it then becomes a part of you. So I say: go for it!

Dror – Student, 14 years old.

“I am a Team Development manager in a large tech company. I had to read many requirements documents every day which I had to study very quickly. Thanks to the techniques I learnt in 3D Reading, today I manage to go over documents very quickly and what is even more important, I manage to remember them afterwards, arriving at meetings well prepared. This course is highly recommended.”

Yevgeny Safovich – Technology Team Development Manager.

Course: Speed Reading


Immediately increase your reading speed by 30%-50%.

Speed reading gives students the capacity to acquire substantial amounts of information in a very short time, increasing efficiency, without sacrificing comprehension. Our techniques strengthen your concentration, and help you become truly immersed in your reading. The results are new neuronal connections leading to innovative ideas more creative solutions, deeper intuition and significant improvement in decision making and negotiation.

Course: Learn to Learn

The Learn to Learn course assists students to better understanding and improve their own processes of learning. Our participants acquire a clear view of the personal tendencies, habits, and obstacles they must overcome to reach peak performance. Strategies based on the latest research in Neuroscience, Pedagogy, Psychology and Epistemology will provide them with easy, simple steps to design effective, individualized learning procedures. Using proven time management techniques, students are able to avoid the confusion and frustration often experienced when presented with large quantities of information, becoming more effective in their retention of information.

Course: 3D Reading

Learn to read 10 times faster!

3D Reading is a practical, interactive and engaging course for all those who wish to increase their reading speed and retention. It encompasses the three proven fast reading techniques:

  1. Speed-Reading
  2. Super-Reading
  3. Photo-Reading

wrapped together in an easy to implement process. Participants can learn how to read books and documents at an average of 250 pages per hour.
The secret behind 3D Reading lies in learning how to use the brain-eye connection to increase reading speed and retention. Participants will learn how to access deeper parts of their mind which can hold larger amounts of data, creating a neuronal “search engine” inside the brain that is able to retrieve the desired data at will.

How it works?

Science has shown that the brain’s two hemispheres operate at different speeds. The left hemisphere–which is the seat of language – is relatively slow in certain processes. Normally, we read letters that become words and then acquire the meaning and logic of word. The problem is that logical thought which things in detail, is slow and therefore allows the reception of data only up to a certain speed.

However, the right hemisphere–which is related to emotional thinking, creativity and movement–provides us with another way to perceive the world and links incoming data into a more global vision of the whole.

By enjoying and actively engaging in the reading process, we can assist the two hemispheres to collaborate, increasing the ability to read any text significantly faster rate. Through active engage are constantly upgrading our “operating system” and memory.

Constructing a neuronal bridge for voluntary tracing will increase our reading ability up to 10 times faster than it is now.


Upon completion of the course, the participants will know how to use advanced techniques of brain and eye communication to implant data into their “deeper mind” and voluntarily extract the data they need. When applied to book reading, this technique will allow students to read an average of 250 pages in 1 hour. After 26 days of at-home practice, this will become a permanent skill, which participants will continue to train themselves with precise instructions.


2WiseUp offers interactive and stimulating lectures that will appeal to both professionals and recreational participants.


Wonders of Perception

Our brain is far more brilliant than we realize. In this interactive lecture participants will become acquainted

with laws of brain function. Through interactive games and fun experiences, students will learn how the brain perceives reality and will challenge some of their current paradigms.

What you see is NOT what you get

The eyes & optical illusions: The structure of our eyes makes us perceive things in a strange way! Learning about optical illusions can help us understand the difference

between what is real and what is not real in the way we perceive it. Let’s have some fun discovering some facts.

Meditation is good for study & business

Scientific research proves that meditating can quiet your mind and help you make better decisions, improve your thinking processes, reinforce your Immune system and improve your overall health. This lecture will help participants to understand what meditation
is, why it is good for us and how to do it. The lecture includes a short practical experience.

Aim & win

How to set goals: When we achieve the goal we’ve set for ourselves, we get charged with motivation to do more. Failure has the opposite effect. This lecture will teach you how to set goals the right way, in order to achieve them.

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