4 Strategies to Foster Your Company’s Growth

Hubanana- Ra'anana's Hub for Entrepreneurs

Topics Discussed

  • Strategies for startup success
  • The North Star Metric - a key to driving sustainable growth
  • Major reasons for startup failures and how to avoid them
  • Company's culture - a key ingredient for a great business
  • 5 most important ingredients for a successful fund raising
  • Best practices and real-world examples

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Organizer's Bio

Jeff Safovich is a serial entrepreneur and startups mentor. For over 20 years in the high-tech industry, Jeff established and run several startups as CEO. In 2015 his startup called SphereUp was acquired. Afterwards Jeff served as VP Product in Zoomd and helped multiple startup companies to build their product evolution strategies. Mr. Safovich dedicated many years exploring and applying numerous product evolution strategies and methodologies, with a clear goal: Realize an idea and its potential faster.

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