Fast Track for Product Evolution – Synapsis

Faster Product Evolution towards Growth / Pivot

  • Align development with market feedback
  • Focus on driving business results
  • Fast track towards product-market fit

Immediate Market Feedback

  • Earliest possible validation on every step
  • Qualitative and quantitative touch with customers and users
  • Short cycles – Agile, Continuous Deployment, A/B testing for every feature

Actionable and Timely Progress Analysis

  • Cohort metrics for key-assumptions validation
  • Measured baseline and declared targets
  • Over time convergence analysis

Product Features prioritization driven by Business Results

  • Usage reporting embedded in the Product
  • Human readable Actionable reports of Key-Metrics for every feature
  • Business driven planning (Single Piece Flow)

Out of all routes to success, some are shorter and faster than others.
Do not rely on luck or sixth sense alone. Gut instincts and intuition build up your dream. Then it is time to validate, learn and strategize.
Data driven product development directed by business goals, coupled with short cycles and live market feedback are keys for success.

Rational - Lively Business Questions

Does your product generate business results aligned with you goals?

  • Do you have actionable metrics to validate business results?
  • Are your product-value, market-penetration and revenues showing satisfactory convergence over time?

Is your product getting better? How do you know that?

  • Are your KPI based on cohort metrics indicating business progress?
  • Is your product roadmap consistently improving the metrics over time?

Is your product development methodology efficient?

  • Are your features prioritized based on measured market response?
  • Do you get daily actionable feedback from the market?

There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all.

~Peter F. Drucker


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