EVENT in Google Campus
Faster Track to Product Market Fit
13 February, 2017

Topics Discussed

  • How to align a product roadmap with business goals / market feedback?
  • How to prove investors your startup will become a Billion $ company?
  • Is it possible to validate your startup idea immediately - even before the product is ready?
  • How to establish actionable metrics, and scientifically prioritize product features?
  • How to know and measure if your product is really getting better?


Some of the slides


A big thanks to everyone who attended this event! 
It was a great pleasure to meet you. We hope you had as much fun attending as we did organizing it.

Thanks to Google Campus that invited us to host the event in their offices!
An invitation from Google Campus: If you enjoyed this event, there are many more tech/entrepreneurial related events at Campus Tel Aviv. 
You can sign up here to become a Campus member, and get updates about future events.

Special thanks to Opher Brayer who inspired and encouraged me to arrange this event!


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EVENT in Google Campus – 2017.02.13 – Faster Track to Product Market Fit | Navigabiz