Data Driven Business Optimization

Strategies for success

  • 7 Key steps for building an efficient business plan
  • How to pick a business model that will bring you farther?
  • Which Go-to-Market strategy best fits your product?

Product evolution to drive business results

  • Faster product evolution
  • Product strategy based on actionable metrics
  • Prioritizing features with highest impact on your business

Evaluate business potential

  • Does the market need your solution?
  • What's the best product to build with your technology?
  • How to build a Billion dollar startup?

Learn and optimize

  • Achieve significant results before you run out of money
  • Scientifically measure if your product is getting better
  • Data analysis as a compass to choose the next business step

4 Strategies to Foster Your Company’s Growth

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A few days ago my youngest daughter, Alice, learnt a new trick: She put her tongue between her closed lips, and strongly breathed out. This created a special sound. When she showed this to me, it made me laugh. And not just: after a couple of times she did that at me, I found myself [...]
I have a vivid memory of that day.   That day I was finally open to listen. Ready to learn why our product failed to capture the market. We've been working for months to finally solve everyone's problem. And we launched a really great product. We were proud of it, and many of my friends [...]
There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all.

~Peter F. Drucker


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