EVENT : Faster route to Product/Market fit

Greetings 😉

Are you a start-up founder? A product leader? Or planning to establish a new start-up?

If you resonate with at least one of the following questions, do not miss this event!

  • How to align a product roadmap with business goals / market feedback?
  • How to prove investors your startup will become a Billion $ company?
  • Is it possible to validate your startup idea immediately – even before the product is ready?
  • How to establish actionable metrics, and scientifically prioritize product features?
  • How to know and measure if your product is really getting better?

This event will be held by Jeff Safovich – a serial entrepreneur and startups mentor.

When: Monday, February 13th, 18:00
Where: Google Campus – Tel Aviv, Yigal Alon St. 98;  Electra Tower- 34th Floor
Price: Free of charge       (Sponsored. Full price 269 NIS)

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Out of all routes to success, some are shorter and faster than others.
Do not rely on luck or sixth sense alone. Gut instincts and intuition build up your dream. Then it is time to validate, learn and strategize.
Data driven product development directed by business goals, coupled with short cycles and live market feedback are keys for success.


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